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Denominational Updates from First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen | Denomination Updates from First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen

Presbyterian Court says Spahr wrong to marry gay couples, BUT…

The General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission of the PC(USA) issued a ruling this week that held that it was wrong for the Rev. Jane Spahr to have conducted wedding ceremonies for gay couples when it was legal in California. You’d think that this would be cause for celebration among evangelicals. But, what the court gave with one hand, it did its best to take away with the other. It basically said, “We have to rule this way according to the Book of Order, but we still think it should be ok for her to do it. So, please, won’t you change the Book of Order so that we won’t have to do this again?”

Mary Naegeli, as usual, gives a brief but insightful analysis, and points out “In its assessment of what is right, just, or wrong, never once does the Commission use the Scriptures or the Confessions even as guides.”

Read the full article here:


First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen Enters Dismissal Process

On February 20, the session of First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen voted unanimously to ask the Presbytery of Elizabeth to begin a process that will lead to our dismissal from the Presbyterian Church (USA), and into another Presbyterian denomination.

You can read the letter here:

Request Dismissal PCUSA

Please pray for our session, our pastors, and the presbytery as we enter this process together. Specifically, pray that all of our conversations and actions will be characterized by an attitude of grace, hope, and love.

You can also read a copy of the Presbytery of Elizabeth’s dismissal policy here:

Request Dismissal PCUSA

The Denominational Relations Team is working on a letter to the congregation that will go into much greater detail. It will also be posted here as soon as it is available.

The PC(USA) 2012: ‘How We Got Here’

Carmen Fowler is an outstanding writer with a remarkable grasp of the history of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and reformed theology. She is also the editor of “The Presbyterian Layman.”

This article, although rather long, is a must read for anyone who wonders how the PC(USA) got to the state that it is in today.  Let us know what you think!


A brief comparison of ECO and EPC

Part one of a comparison of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the new Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians by Mary Naegeli.


Tres Iglesias Hispanos desafiliarse de la PCUSA

Queridos pastores (as), ancianos(as) gobernantes, miembros del Committee on Ministry, y staff del
presbiterio Mission, y también a los hermanos y hermanas de la Iglesia Presbyterian Church USA

La Iglesia presbiteriana El Principe de Paz (Mercedes TX), la Iglesia Presbiteriana Getsemani (San Benito TX), y la Iglesia presbiteriana San Pablo (Brownsville TX) junto con sus pastores y consistorios les saludan en el precioso, maravilloso y poderoso nombre de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo, el Hijo del Dios viviente, el único Señor y Salvador. Que la gracia y paz de nuestro Dios sobreabunde en ustedes.

Es nuestro deseo informarles por medio de esta carta que nuestros consistorios y congregaciones han tomado los pasos necesarios para desafiliarse de la PCUSA. La constitución de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica nos otorga libertad de asamblea, libertad de expresión y libertad religiosa. Ha sido bajo esta constitución que nuestras iglesias se han reunido y han votado de manera contundente para desafiliarnos de la PCUSA.

(Toda de la carta: IglesiasHispanasHistoricassevande laPCUSA

Three historic Hispanic Churches, and their pastors, renounce the jurisdiction of the PC(USA)

Dear pastors, elders, COM members, staff of Mission Presbytery and all brothers and sisters of the PCUSA,

We, the ssssions, pastors and congregations of El Principe de Paz (Mercedes TX), Iglesia Presbiteriana
Getsemani (San Benito, TX) and Iglesia Presbiteriana San Pablo (Brownsville, TX) greet you in the loving and mighty name of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, the one and only Lord and Savior. We pray and wish God’s grace and peace upon you.

Through the present letter we are informing you that our sessions and congregations have taken the necessary steps to disaffiliate from the PCUSA. The United States constitution grants us freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It is under this constitution that our congregations met and have overwhelmingly voted to disaffiliate from the PCUSA. Therefore our sessions, pastors, and congregations have renounced the jurisdiction of the PCUSA…

(The full letter is attached to this post)


Here We Stand!

Here is an excellent statement from the “Biblical Presbyterians Network” entitled “Here We Stand,” which addresses many of the pressings issues in the PC(USA) today. I don’t know much about their ministry, but I sure appreciate what they have to say.


The Right Kind of Diversity

Mary Naegeli has written another great essay on the question of “Diversity.” What kind of diversity is healthy for a church (or denomination), and what kind of diversity can be destructive. It’s a great and thoughtful piece.


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