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Session votes unanimously on new denominational home | Denominational Updates from First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen

Session votes unanimously on new denominational home

This afternoon, Sunday, March 25, the session voted unanimously to ask the Presbytery of Elizabeth to dismiss our church to the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO).

ECO is a new reformed denomination, born in January of this year. Pastor Wildrick and Elder Suzanne Geiger were fortunate to be in Orlando for its birth.

In prayerfully considering what we were looking for in a new denominational home, the session agreed that our new denominational home must:

  1. be radically committed to the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. be Reformed (Presbyterian) in its theology and polity
  3. be Evangelical, with a clear set of theological standards or core beliefs shared by all ordained leaders
  4. celebrate the ministry of women in ordained ministry
  5. be outwardly focused, and passionately committed to evangelism as well as serving those living in the margins of society
  6. have a limited, flexible structure that encourages and enables congregations to be innovative in ministry, accountable and encouraging to one another in fulfilling the great commission, and minimizes bureaucratic overhead
  7. will provide a comprehensive and affordable health care and retirement plans for our pastors

We believe that we have found just that denomination in ECO!

Is ECO a perfect denomination? Of course not, and if it were it would cease to be perfect once our church joins it. But it is a body of like-minded believers, moving forward in the same directions that we believe God is calling our church. The leadership is humble, passionate, and committed. Not only do we believe that ECO can provide a healthy environment in which we can grow, we believe that we can contribute in a meaningful as we help build ECO into a strong and vibrant denomination.

Please continue praying for our pastors, session and the denominational relations team. Pray also for the members of the presbytery’s Resolution Team. The session’s first meeting with the team is tomorrow, March 26, at 7:30 pm.

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