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Something better to say… | Denominational Updates from First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen

Something better to say…

If you’re looking for a scholarly theological discussion on the nature of homosexual practice and God’s created order, you’ll find this a great starting point. It provides a strong biblical foundation for what used to be the Presbyterian Church’s position on this subject:

We conclude that homosexuality is not God’s wish for humanity. This we affirm, despite the fact that some of its forms may be deeply rooted in an individual’s personality structure. Some persons are exclusively homosexual in orientation. In many cases homosexuality is more a sign of the brokenness of God’s world than of willful rebellion. In other cases homosexual behavior is freely chosen or learned in environments where normal development is thwarted. Even where the homosexual orientation has not been consciously sought or chosen, it is neither a gift from God nor a state nor a condition like race; it is a result of our living in a fallen world.

(Policy Statement and Recommendations (Minutes, General Assembly of the UPCUSA, 1978), 1:57. This AI was set aside by the 219th General Assembly in 2010.)


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