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Openly Gay Pastor Ordained in California

The Presbytery of the Redwoods has ordained Paul Mowry to become pastor of the Sausalito Presbyterian Church. Mr. Mowry is an openly gay man, living with his partner and their daughter. He will begin leading the church on Sunday, December 18.

According to the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA), “Ordination to the ordered ministry of teaching elder (pastor) is an act of the whole church carried out by the presbytery.”


Are we speaking the same language?

Joseph Small, former director of theology, worship, and education ministries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) wrote an “open letter” to the church regarding the theology paper from the Fellowship of Presbyterians and divisions in the church. Pastor Wildrick wrote a brief response to two of the points in his letter. You can read both below.

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Are Tiers Still an Option

This summer The Fellowship of Presbyterians suggested four options, or tiers, that congregations might pursue in response to changes in the PC(USA). You can read a more detailed description HERE, but in short the tiers are:

1) Remain in the PC(USA).

2) Create new “overlay,” or non-geographical presbyteries based on theological “like mindedness.”

3) Create dual leadership structures within existing presbyteries

4) Create a New Reformed Body

Since August, the PC(USA) has apparently ruled out tier 2. Tier 3, while being explored, has met with little enthusiasm. In this latest news from The Fellowship of Presbyterians, the leadership reflects on what options remain as they prepare for the Covenanting Conference in Orlando in January.


Presbyterians for Renewal Chimes In

Our church has been a long-time supporter of “Presbyterians for Renewal.” Follow this link for their thoughtful editorial on our current denominational crisis, with an Advent perspective.


What does the Bible really say about same-sex relations?

Much has been said about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and other sexual relationships outside of the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. Quite frankly, no one knows more about this subject, and no one has said it better than Professor Robert Gagnon from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

His website has a wealth of materials for your study, including videos of several of his talks.


If you want to know what the Bible really has to say about human sexuality, Dr. Gagnon’s website is an excellent place to start.

“Covenant Network” Comes Out of the Closet

The “Covenant Network” is an advocacy group within the Presbyterian Church (USA) that has worked long and tirelessly to normalize homosexual relationships, and promote the ordination of self-avowed, practicing homosexuals.

Amendment 10-A, which removed the requirement that ordained church leaders must practice fidelity in marriage between a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness (replacing it with a call to “submit joyfully to the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of life”), was universally promoted as being a “local option.” In other words, we were told that if the PC(USA) deleted the ordination standard of fidelity/chastity, it would allow churches and presbyteries that believe homosexual relationships are ok to ordain unrepentant homosexuals, but that this change would have no impact on churches (such as ours) or pastors that disagree.

Now that Amendment 10-A is part of the Book of Order, the Covenant Network has come out of the closet, so to speak, and revealed the lie behind the concept of a “local option.” Continue Reading…

What’s in a name?

Introducing Mary Naegeli

Mary Naegely is a thoughtful writer, pastor, and teacher at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her daily blog is always thought provoking, well reasoned, and biblical. Today’s blog, entitled “Don’t Ask Me to Cross the Line,” is a fine example. I recommend you explore her other writings on denominational issues.


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